Paid Market Makers program

Our innovations represent a huge technical advance on centralized exchanges. Now, the Nash Paid Market Makers program will help connect small-to-medium-sized market makers to the non-custodial future of markets and trading!

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This is such a great program. It needs wider publicity on the youtube and twitter.

Now that the team has delivered the product, it is our responsibility to shout out loud.


So…let’s say i want to bring 1 btc to the liquidity pool… then what? How does it work? Do I need to trade against someone? Or is my btc just used to have liquidity on the other hand? Is it simular to Bancor? Please elaborate bcause I have a few heavy bags that are sitting in wallets not making a dime. So lending them out for like 5 to 8% anually sounds good to me!


Oh! And…it would be wise to add more pairs. $icx $vet $vtho $ubt $props (since it is moving to algorand)

I think it is a smart move…acquire your most crucial target audience, convince them and turn them into life time customers!

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For example, I have my own market maker algo. It is written in HaasScript. Or hummingbot. How can I use (export) it in Nash, if obviously all this software does not yet have Nash support? Or will you help me with adapting (rewriting) my algorithm specifically for Nash? Or should I use some standard algorithm that will be given to me?

If you look in the link “apply here” it asks you which languages your software is built in and what you’d need etc. They seem quite open regarding integrating different software into Nash - have a go!


Hello Lepych, that is the point of 1-on-1 onboarding. You will have support to set up your algo to work flawlessly with Nash.


Hi @Blondie this is a program for professionals in the liquidity provider industry. I don’t know what each community member does - but if you don’t identify part of your day-to-day job as being market maker than this program is not ideal.

For what you commented - we will have two other things, first one with incentive community in general trading (not only professional liquidity providers) and second our decentralized savings accounts.


A broad ETA on this decentralised savings account?

This year or next year?

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Thank you Fabio. I am looking foeward to the savings account. I see has one with around 5 to 6% annual return. It looks pretty trustworthy amongst the rest, but still I am scared to put my btc in a honeypot.

Looking forward to the next step. 5 to 6% low risk will attract massive amounts of $. A competitor to the bonds market.

Again thank you for the explanation.


This year.