Page not found "report a problem" linked to

(Len) #1

For example visit: < obviously doesn’t exist

we’ll see:


If you click the “report a problem” it will be linked to

instead of it linking to a contact form/email/support screen

(Nathaniel) #2

Passed this on to our developers, thanks! :slight_smile:

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(Wantsome Nex) #3

I wanted to check if the roadmap got an update but I couldn’t find it on the website and when I googled it I get this link
but the page can’t be found. Will there ever be a new roadmap ^^

Also when I go to the ‘‘Knowledge base’’ it says Nash Exchange Token ICO and not STO. And also @ recent activities at the bottom . Isn’t this missleading ? New people should know that NEX is different right ?

Beautiful website by the way. Can’t wait for the beta !

(Len) #4

The whitepaper is also not available at the moment (to my knowledge) probably has to to with migrating it to the new website (in the right order ofcourse).