Our new strategy and roadmap

Have the Q1 goals been met?



Please remember that the roadmap is a rough indicator of when features go live. It doesn’t express firm deadlines, so it’s perfectly reasonable to expect some slippage owing to unforeseen factors.

Instant SEPA transfers: The first banks are already integrated.

UK: There is an additional legal blocker we are waiting on, but the integration (including instant transfers) is ready to go.

Recurring buys: This feature is nearly ready for deployment.


Due to changing strategy of Nash I think that one of the interesting customers for Nash would be the mining companies. They need constant liquidity and convert btc and eth to fiat all the time and in large amounts. I realize there aren’t many of such companies in EU/UK but there are individuals with significant mining capabilities. Nash should reach out.


This isnt a bad idea. We are hearing more and more about “clean bitcoin” meaning it can be proven to not be part of previous scam or washing. It could be an interesting marketing tool to coincide with our focus on regulation.

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The problem is that Nash has 0% fees for liquidating btc and eth. However, some kind of cooperation with mining companies and invididuals is possible since Nash offers L2 and a simple way to store some of the value in savings (staking) projects such as AAVE. Nash has a set of services that could be interesting for some miners. These benefits should be put on a piece of paper and make some convincing arguments/benefits and miners should be reached out to.