Our new leadership team and upcoming strategy

In May, Nash announced the appointment of payments veteran Kellogg Fairbank as Chief Executive Officer.

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Hi. I am curious to know what are the plans for the NEX token? Staking was originally a big part of the Nash strategy. Is it still required? Will there be benefits for backing/holding NEX with this new strategy?


Hey @Sam_wise :wave:

The team is currently formulating new tokenomics for NEX that better align with both the new strategy and current/future products on the platform. It’s an important piece of the puzzle for the company’s future, so they’re making sure the details are nailed down before annoucing any changes. I’d like to give you a firm ETA, but unfortunately I don’t have that information – we’ll just need to be patient until it’s ready to be released. :+1:


Thanks for the reply.

Personally I am very keen to have UK / GBP enrollment ASAP :muscle::relaxed: Looking forward to it.

The new strategy sounds great, but a huge challenge to compete against large existing trad-fi banks that will no doubt be working hard to also offer similar benefits for their customers via crypto.

Hope the strategy is successful!


What I would expect from Nash is to actually start benefiting from its regulatory focused principles, rather than suffer from it like it was the case from the inception.

This would mean offering a big benefit for partnerships with traditional financial institutions like banks or similar businesses eyeing their first move into crypto.

These partners would also appreciate some of Nash aspects that retail users did not (like the principle of being non-custodial and the MPC wallets).

One real-life example of such partnership is Coinbase being a crypto provider for Facebook. This could have been Nash (in Europe).


Absolutely agree and great point. We know that the move to compliance was a brilliant and necessary decision for Nash. But it has not been capitalised. Since then, other players, such as LCX have become compliant exchanges for example and partnered with some big projects, such as QNT.
Nash could fully understand their advantage of compliance and “market” it to key players, such as trad-fi and gain value from that.

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I can definitely relate as I am holding NEX since ICO and believing in the vision and team. Hope thay take into account and appreciate those OGs fairly…

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