OTC Feature Idea

I don’t know if that was discussed before but I think that It might be really helpful feature that might attract users to the platform.

As far as I know OTC trades based on trust. If nash can provide that trust by letting users do OTC trades here.

Like User 1 deposit currency X User 2 deposits currency Y. and once both agree on the terms nash can execute the transaction. Both deposits can be locked for example for T amount of time like stacking for example for safety (altho I’m not expert in crypto security it’s just an idea).


You can do literally same thing using exchange. User 1 put limit order and User 2 accept market order, they reach an agreement, end of story!

first problem there’s no trust a party can pull off right before market order been executed, and sadly if market moves to the wrong side loose money.

second big orders can move markets and usually are meant to be private.

Remember OTC must be private and have trust for agreed price.

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