Orders: Filter result issue

It looks like there is a filter issue/mix-up on the orders tab. I never traded LINK. But as you can see there are two orders shown below. These orders belong to a different pair. The values are matching these orders in September. Also, the date range is set to one week, so September should not even be in the list.

Ps. the date range filter is opening when hovering above it. Please make this clickable only like all other dropdown items (consistence).

I don’t have this issue. Have you tried refreshing your browser’s cache? :grimacing:

The thing is, I don’t know what I did to see these orders. I only did a few clicks on the exchange and suddenly a saw these orders. Now they are gone again.

If I am able to reproduce it, then I will clear the cache and see what happens.

But it is always worth posting unexpected behavior. It might help the developers.

I am able to reproduce it after clearing my cache.

The only thing I do is switch between Portfolio and trading, but it only happens about once every 10 attempts. When you go back to trading, you will notice that your order history will be shown for a split second and then the filter will kick in. When the filter fails, I see the orders with the headers of the currently set market. Now it is set to GAS - ETH:

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thanks for the report, the component is being reworked as part of the adv exchange re-design.

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