Option to convert all dividends to NEX tokens

Thinking that there will be users who would like to have more passive income and use the dividends received to stake to obtain more income. Will there be an easy option for users to convert all dividends to NEX tokens. @canesin

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I thought that would already be implemented :innocent:

One more week to wait :speak_no_evil:

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Didnt know we would have this function/option. great to know!

Yes, you can choose the currency you want to be paid in

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That would only be possible once NEX is trading on the exchange which seems could be a little while yet

Yes true. You can only choose from the tokens that are listed on the exchange

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The team has stated that the contract cannot pay out in a single token for legal reasons but once dividends have been claimed in a share of all tokens traded as fees there will be an option to convert to a single token. It’s more of a matter of when the conversion happens (immediately on contract claim vs post claim).