Operations and Mobile: Quarterly Report Q3 2019

The third quarter of 2019 will forever remain important for Nash – and we believe for the whole blockchain industry – as it saw the public opening of our trading platform. Users across the globe can now trade cross-chain with the same performance characteristics of centralized exchanges but in decentralized fashion, retaining control of their funds. During the quarter we continued execution efforts and renewed our focus on business goals, culminating in several milestones that we expect to deliver during Q4.

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Like always, Nash delivers an outstanding level of transparency and clarity with detailed metrics.

I have to say I’m once again impressed by the overall level of the team. Congrats and keep it up!


Great work - thank you for sharing

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Great stuff as always, excited for the future!

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Nash makes everything that was difficult now easy. :nash_token:

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Good to see and read the development of this team and I must say i’m impressed by their speed of integrations, keep up the good work guys/girls #trustyourselves

I’ve noticed that nothing about what the team is doing and planning to do to expand the scope of the countries and regions that Nash supports(at least for staking) has been mentioned in the report. Is it on the agenda for the team to include those countries currently prohibited and where are we now? Especially the East Asia countries like China, Japan and South Korea which can bring huge volume to Nash. Thanks to the team.

Is there any news why the BTC Wallet is not yet available?

Is the program already running?

Where are the additional markets?

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additional markets ready when ready
like always :wink:

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Only in the long term, do they comply with the agreements, not with the short term agreements. So think long term…

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No I totally disagree with that. If I keep making promises and never keep them, it will hurt in the long run. And that has happened very often already.


Yes I agree, they should not make time predictions if they cant deliver milestones. Didnt they also say Mobile app will be updated by EOM?

No, they said the updated Mobile app would be available in November.

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Well to be fair, they did not show which year on these slides :wink:

Personally, I am very curious if they will deliver BTC trading before 2020. If I remember correctly fabio said this was 99% sure.

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Where are the “additional markets in October”?

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