On-ramp Fee Optimizer for EU

Hi from Canada :maple_leaf:

I frequent reddit’s Canadian Bitcoin community often, and recently someone posted about a little pet project they launched called CryptoLens. Its purpose is to recommend the cheapest on-ramp for Canadians buying Bitcoin. Depending on your price point, the recommendations change (wire + trade fee, zero deposit fee + high spread price, etc). It recommends everything from Kraken (orderbook) to Newton/Shakepay (brokerages).

IMO, this could be a project that would push Nash into the spotlight. I don’t know EU very well, but I’m guessing Nash holds the cheapest EUR to BTC route (0% ramp, 0% maker fee). Unfortunately I’m pretty useless when it comes to web design, but if someone out there wants to tackle it I could help out gathering rates & fees from competitors. We could set up a community Google Sheet to gather all relevant data.


Seems like these sites already exist:

Could be a connection for the marketing team!

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