Olympus: Lightning-enabled fiat ramps by Zap

Just to inform,

Zap will offer a Lightning-enabled fiat on and off-ramp service called Olympus.
More info here: https://medium.com/@JimmyMow/announcing-olympus-lightning-enabled-fiat-ramps-by-zap-1f5349a96ee9

The competition is progressing.

If you have any thoughts… shoot!

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I still need to do some research myself to see how this works. If someone tech savy can easily explain this, feel free :wink:

Are they competition? Looks pretty one-dimensional. Not seeing a mult-asset non-custodial exchange on zap.io, unless I’m missing something.

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Correct, they will be Lightning/BTC only and only focused around increasing Lightning adoption. That’s their single objective.

Abra is closer to a real competitor for Nash. Able to trade fractions of all sorts of securities, in Bitcoin, using their non-custodial solution.

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None of them have a proper community setup like Nash which is very Important and the Team understand and emphasize on this a lot

Yeah ive desperately tried and failed to find anything that resembles competition … everything they do we are able to incorporate to our product … the same is not apparent from the competition… so far … But they will be coming

also : so theyve automated fiat onboarding to btc interchain state-channels i presume this is to Zap users only and select retailers. its a nice little automation …
Its cool but thats about it… and def not something thats a challenge for NASH