Oldsport deserves to be an Ambassador


The community driven casino app aimed to bootstrap USDC/BTC volume is awesome!


That is all.


Second that on oldsport, he’s an asset for this community imo

Can you elaborate a little on this casino/slot app? What does it do, how does it work?

Edit: nevermind, just read the original post!


Yes he should for sure, as so should a lot of other members of the community. Looks like the first wave of ambassadors was strictly for those on Telegram. I assume more from around the community that are doing great things like Oldsport will come.

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I second this. I’ve noticed that he tends to be very articulate, has an extensive knowledge of Nash and tech in general. He is always polite, professional and reasonable. This has carried over to Twitter, where I have witnessed him engage with people new to Nash and interested in its services, FUDsters / Trollers and all sorts of persons in nothing but the most gentlemanly of ways. People like this get the right message out to prospective Nash users and show them the right impression of its community.


Agree!! 100%


I made a similar request to fabio a month ago, he’s definitely gone above and beyond for the cause, and this casino app sealed the deal. 1+ from me!

Add @fabibi to the list as well :stuck_out_tongue:



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Guys, I will close this - because of the precedent that this generates.

While we all agree @Oldsport is doing great evangelism and this topic in specific would not be a issue. As he is prime candidate when we expand the program soon.

But: we need to be vigilant to the community rallying behind names for this or that as we could have people optimizing for that in the future - the playing field should be leveled and we value hard work, that has always been our mark.