Offering ETH 2.0 staking

Will Nash be in a position to enable Eth 2.0 staking now the launch will be in December - or even frontend a service from rocketpool if needed or other service. Would be a big plus for the Nash wallet to offer this service to users.
when complexity is removed it would look like a savings product.


I think this is a good way to acquire new users. Staking offerings will eventually have to expand and ETH staking is the most logical next step. I know some businesses that have high growth rates thanks to their staking products. May be asking community how important do they view expanding staking would shed more light on this vertical.


"Stake your ETH through Nash, and you’ll get a bonus % return if you have NEX staked!

250 NEX staked = +5% return
500 NEX staked = +10% return
1000 NEX staked = +25% return

One can dream :wink:

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We do plan in offering staking for next year - this year however will be very unlikely given the already full pipeline we have.


Cool, looking forward to stake my ethereum through the Nash Platform!