Off chain matching engine

Here lets discuss about how the offchain matching engiene works


1)For all projects which use nex for token conversions backend like soul/nos will be having fee right ?
2)if so will we get these fees too for staking nex?
3)if yes, so whatever project uses matching engine ,example in future may be stocks ,fiat pairs ,margin trading etc these will definitlely uses matching engine. so we would get all the fees from these traded things too for staking? so if i am from india i pay in rupee for buying in fiat and a guy from europe/usa pays with his currency so by staking will i get all these currencies too?

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They use the direct (API-based) integration path for NEX as far as i have understand for the auto conversions being completely transparent fur the users performing the payments within the dAPPS like nOS. And as this conversions are performned on NEX exchange we should get the revenues from the fees whenever we decided to stake.

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Because they are using token swap through APIs it’s just like anyone trading on the exchange so yes, stalkers should get a share of the fees.