Note: please update the api-client for version 5.2.3 or later

Hi all,

If you are building on-top of Nash and using Node.Js, please upgrade the TypeScript client to the latest version (5.2.3). It introduces a few changes under the hood that makes life much easier for developers:

  • Now on the first update to orderbook subscriptions the full current status of the orderbook is sent, removing the need to a getOrderBook call before the subscription.

The subscriptions connection management was improved and with it we would like to introduce a new preferred pattern:


const client = new Nash.Client()
const sub = client.createSocketConnection()
sub.onUpdatedOrderbook( ... )


const client = new Nash.Client()

this should improve the speed of clients and robustness of connections.

All the best!


That’s great thank you,

I confirm that websocket and subscriptions management are now smoother!
Before, to handle desynchronization of the order book on the client (because of disconnections, slow internet, app restarting), the developer had to manage this desynchronization himself (by retrieving the full orderbook with a graphql http request). It is now managed by the typescript client sdk.

I adapted the web bot using this new version.