Not able to transfer 🧐

Is there a way to pay the transaction fee with the same asset that I am trying to withdraw? ( paying the fee with the assets available in trading contract )

I am also confused with the fee, why should it be so high? :flushed:

Another topic:
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Not quite yet, but this is high on the priority list I believe. At least it was mentioned in the Upcoming features section of this blog post:

As for the fees being high, you are not making a simple transfer, rather closing a state channel. As a result the fees are higher. Notice however that you can lower them slightly by selecting the β€œTurtle” speed: your withdrawal will be slower but cost less. A good way to lower fees is to wait for a moment when average gwei is low (20-ish).


had the same problem a few days ago. I came up with 3 possible workarounds:

  • mail support and ask to send you some ETH
  • ask a friend to send ETH to your personal account
  • Buy 1 NEO on nash. withdraw NEO to personal account, send NEO to binance, trade NEO for ETH. sent ETH to nash personal account 2 pay fees.

I used the last option which was to say the least: frustrating. Having to use another exchange to withdraw from Nash channels. :disappointed_relieved: but it worked
Hope Nash finds a workaround soon!

Good luck

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