NOIA Telegram AMA Summary

Where: Official Nash Telegram

Date: November 5th, 2020 - 10:00am EST - 10:30am EST


* Domas Povilauskas (NOIA CEO)
* Ryan (NOIA Marketing Lead)
* Domantas Jaskunas (NOIA COO)
* Fabio Canesin (Nash Co-Founder)

:question: Q1: There have been talks that NOIA plans to redistribute revenues from their service back into the tokens value, what are the logistics for this

:white_check_mark: A1.1: [Ryan] There are many details on our blog that walk you through exactly how the revenue stream will support the token and long-term development of the network and applications. That’s a good place to start. [Medium]

:white_check_mark: A1.2: [Domas] By our token design, revenues from the data transfer that happen in the network will be distributed to the nodes providing the service. So yes, these revenues will be distributed to nodes serving the network. We’re preparing for a big token economy v2 release which will provide details of how the value for the network is being created when there is usage happening from the client side. Stay tuned.

:question: Q2: So how long can we expect before NOIAs mainnet is up?

:white_check_mark: A2: [Domas] We’re currently preparing to release the software platform which will enable developers to start connecting their applications / software through our Network. That will mark a point when the Network will start be available for commercial usage and go into the production. We think that’s the main target now and you can call it “Mainnet” if that defines the production state.

:question: Q3: It has been a long time since you guys announced the Oracle partnership? Are there any more similar tier partnerships in the works that we can expect to hear more about before the EOY?

:white_check_mark: A3: [Ryan] We still have daily/weekly discussions with partners like this. And we’re working on some closer collaborations which should be made public over the next couple months.

:question: Q4: Interested in knowing about the token unlock for NOIA as well, how that is scheduled, and based on what?

:white_check_mark: A4: [Domantas] Hi Rumi, there’s an article on our Medium blog that describes the token unlock schedule, if that’s what you’re asking. [Medium] NOIA Token Release Schedule, 2020

:question: Q5: Your website states that you have Microsoft as a partner. Is this a legit partnership or does it mean your signed up to the Microsoft partner network?

:white_check_mark: A5: [Ryan] We’re still in active talks with MSFT. The biggest goal right now is to get our tech placed on their cloud marketplace. That’ll make NOIA Network accessible to their entire cloud user base. Stay tuned on this as we’re working to finalize some things on that front.

:question: Q6: Use Nash Noia tech?

:white_check_mark: A6.1: [Fabio] I can’t understand this question? NOIA listing uses Nash technology. NOIA network is not currently in production and we will certainly will look into it when it is.

:white_check_mark: A6.2: [Domas] It’s getting very close to the production, thats for sure and we’re preparing for that now…once it is out, exchanges will be able to start deploying and testing the impact this technology can bring to their service reliability and speed. The crypto markets are very inefficient in that sense, traders can even do latency arbitrage and get ahead of others because they have better connections to these exchanges. Eventually all exchanges will have to be connected through this smart, always optimised network we enabling.

:white_check_mark: A6.3: [Ryan] Yeah I would suggest reviewing our roadmap to see what’s on deck over the next few months. It’s not a huge long multi-year plan. It’s a six-month sprint (now five months) to launch.

[Medium] NOIA Roadmap, 6-month Sprint

The first milestone was just reached with Network Pre-Launch, the first deployment of its kind.

[Medium] NOIA Pre-Launch Announcement

:question: Q7: What is your feeling when you use Nash for the first time?

:white_check_mark: A7: [Ryan] I was impressed with the UI for sure. I think we all were. But what makes Nash the right fit at the right time is their approach to security, namely a non-custodial method.

:question: Q8: Is NOIA eventually going to be a competitor of Nash with its NOIA ledger, ie decentralised exchange?

:white_check_mark: A8.1: [Fabio] Nash is not just a swap service, NOIA is not competing in the finance services business.

:white_check_mark: A8.2: [Domas] 100% we’re not competing for sure.

:question: Q9: Hi Dom, great answers. Who are your competitors?

:white_check_mark: A9: [Domas] In terms of this new routing technology that we’re implementing on top of the Internet now, we don’t see any other project doing and competing with this concept right now.

Although, in terms of the actual Platform, we’re entering into the extremely fast-growing Network as a Service market and we face competition from existing old technology providers. We’re coming with the new way that we’re very confident about.

The big guys like Cisco’s and Verizons of the world, they keep on selling extremely overpriced internet and privacy, security solutions and enterprises pay incredible amounts of money. 150billion dollar market for private network services.

With our technology, there is no need for expensive private networks anymore, we provide betters security, always optimised connectivity and we do it on top of this public internet, 40x cheaper in that sense

That’s why it’s a gamechanger from a business perspective. As for the token model, we want to create a true utility token which is empowering this decentralized internet economy. Backed by detailed research into velocity mechanism, circulation and explaining how the value is being created.

:question: Q10: Is DARP already working? I know you said DARP dev was ahead of schedule so should we expect another milestone before December?

:white_check_mark: A10.1: [Domantas] Regarding milestones, the upcoming ones can be seen here:

[Medium] NOIA Roadmap for Launch

:white_check_mark: A10.2: [Domas] Yes, you should expect much more coming before the end of the year.

:question: Q11: Every successful project has some behind the scenes story, what is the story behind NOIA success? What was its vision when NOIA first came as an idea?

:white_check_mark: A11: [Domas] When we met and co-founded this company with Bill Norton, who had an incredible experience building the internet from scratch and then becoming a co-founder of Equinix (largest data center company in the world) — everything started moving incredibly fast.
With Bill’s expertise and our unique technical understanding, we created a model which can improve the internet without trying to build it from the ground up again. The model itself was our success story once we got validation from the largest tech companies in the internet field. Now — it’s the hard work and implementation. I’m very happy that we joined Nash community, NOIA and Nash communities are similar.

:question: Q12: hi Dom :wave:t2: I was actually wondering, how’s DiTEX development going?

:white_check_mark: A12: [Domas] Actually is going great, wait on the tokenomics paper, you’ll get lots of details of how this economy will operate. So much details that we didn’t disclose yet. Ditex is essentially working now within our current system, a first implementation of it.


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