NL & UK recommendations

Calling all Nashers in the UK and Netherlands!

Nash is planning to engage local blockchain communities in the UK and NL to promote our upcoming launch in these regions. Think AMAs, webinars, etc.

We’d like you to share your recommendations for local blockchain associations / organizations / groups / communities to help us spread the word!



Since some time Jay-Jay Boske is talking about crypto in his youtube channel Day 1. In general his channel is about lifestyle and sports. Part of that is a topic with Madelon Vos (columnist and trader with also a large network I guess) to make crypto and other ways of investing more accesible for non- and starting investors.

I am not saying they are a full grown crypto organisation/community but the Day 1 channel currently has 319K subscribers and the videos about crypto have about 250K views. I think it would be a nice way to spread the word about Nash there because they are focusing on making investing attractive to the larger public.

The best way to do that is through Nash right !? :star_struck:

See the link for the Day 1 channel:


Yes, JayJay is your guy!

Crypto Daily is good -194k YouTube subscribers

dreadBongo is a good Twitter person, promotes quant, Hathor and some other good projects. 21k followers


I’d go for Do some informational, high-tech article about blockchain and nash’s technology and try to highlight nash from there.

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1. - They have a tech section called LINDA.TECHTV and a section in their magazine about tech. A great way to get in touch with approx. 2 million users every month (mostly woman). You can contact them via:

Source statistics: Adverteren op LINDA.NL - UpstreamAds

2. - One of the largest tech websites in the Netherlands. They have a specific topic in their news section called “Networking en Security”. They can be contacted via

3. - They recently merged with RTL Nieuws, its reaches about a million users a month. It is a section online with all sorts of technology related news and tips.
You can provide news via

4. - Is a Dutch crypto community / website with blogs of the latest in cryptocurrency. In addition to this they provide free training to newcomers in cryptospace. Contact them via:

5. Blockchain Netherlands Foundation - My contact Rudolf van Ee is one of the guys here in Holland you should contact about attracting Dutch users. He is currently chairman of Blockchain Netherlands Foundation, they organize meetups on a weekly basis and sometimes events as well (focused on Dutchies). You can find/contact him directly on LinkedIn or contact the company via the website above. I think it is the most valuable partner to connect Nash to Dutch blockchain communities.

1. BBC Radio London - Often has an hour on Saturday morning where business owners can call in to shortly promote their company for free. I think it has an amazing audience. Even though I live in Holland it is my favourite radio channel. The number to call is given during hour, somewhere between 8 and 10.

In addition, I just notice they recently released another way to be featured:

On this page you can upload audio, video and images, to get a chance to be featured.

Hope this is of any value, will provide more suggestions in the coming days.


In addition to my previous post, I wonder if the new referral campaign will include a QR image to share?

If that is the case or another easy solution, I like to invest myself or get sponsored by you guys to print and deliver flyers with key info about Nash at house/business addresses in the city center of Rotterdam. If successful possibly other cities as well.

Printing and delivery promotion can be quite effective here and cost efficient in comparison to advertising costs.

Please let me know what you think of this.


Hi Kellog, I would suggest looking into the Cryptocast. It is a weekly podcast at a business news radio (BNR) station. This is also where Madelon Vos would formerly join as host(Stopped in March). And I would check if PlanB does anything regarding other projects, he has quite a following on twitter.


Yes, BNR is a good place to get in touch with a Dutch audience too. :ok_hand:


Agree! Cryptocast | BNR Nieuwsradio

Also check-out incubator YesDelft:
or The Hague Tech: Events & Labs | The Hague Tech
The Next Web:

Most populair crypto youtubers (Madelon Vos is a nice one, like @CS2020 mentioned)


You can check also

Hi Kellogg, that’s good news!
Personally i like Madelon Vos and BNR’s topic about crypto (Madelon attends BNR quite often as well).

Lekkercryptisch is allright, however they lean on the side of bitcoin maximalism, so be prepared for that.

I also found out that there is an upcoming event in november, in the Amsterdam Rai what could be interesting. Blockchain Conference | Blockchain Expo Europe 2021

It all depends what the goal is you want to achieve by reaching out. If it’s new users for L2 trading, you could also reach out for an interview in the quote or other traditional media, creating awareness for Nash as a company.

Kind regards,