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Was just interessted if anyone here has invested in One of the rare security tokens besides nex.

Hey :slight_smile:
Not personally no…
But im sure everyone is aware of them .They spend a lot on Marketing

Many liquidations recently ?
How much collateral are they holding ?

True…they have a huge marketing machinery…to be honest I don’t like this kind of offensive marketing… nevertheless…they seem to be pretty sucsessful. I got dividends twice already and they are having huge growth in lending. (I can only track USDT lendings…which stands at 270 Million USD as of today and since beginning.) pretty impressive numbers…specially because the usdt lending is only small part. Most Volume in Loans comes from Fiat lending.
I guess they had to make a lot of liquidations when btc price made a flash crash. But this happens all automatisated. But no idea how many collateral they are holding rightnow.

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cool man ,

How did u end up here with us ? U saw the amazing shill posts on twitter no doubt lol ?

actually I was “here” / invested in Nex way before I knew about nexo. Nash like Nexo are both security tokens…I am more or less just looking for such tokens…

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i never invested in Nexo but used it last 2 years to park my stablecoins PAX/USDC to take the 8% p.a. . Also i never lend money to buy crypto or spend it otherwise. There are some customers what lost lot money handling their risk management bad. Nexo is founded by credissimo a bulgarian fintech company.