Nex/usdt ... next?

I saw Fabio reply on listing USDT on nash exchange and I really wonder if there is a possibility to see Nex/USDT pair on Nash soon because there is a daily Volume as of CMC of 1.5m and that with ETH on exchanges without high volume so I think if Nash team can list this pair it will help boost the volume also will help both the company and the investor to be more intersting in buying NEX easy, and it will lead to increase the price on NEX and also the staking. this is only my thought and I like to hear what you think and also if the team are considering this idea for the near future.

You should do some reading on what NEX is and learn more about NashExchange before posting this. NEX is a security, you need to have license to list NEX on the exchange, you can not just post coins like this, the team would have done it already…

I did my reading and I don’t think you are following the team because as the team state in the last Q report there is a way to list Nex without the license!


They are working on a solution to be able to list Nex. This does not mean that they will be possible to list it, keep this in mind.

Unfortunately, there are nearly zero ways to deal with certified securities without a license.
The easiest way to do this is to get a license.
Let’s hope the team thinks again about getting a license.
I think it’s a possibility if team is successful in raising funds from VCs.

We are working on having NEX on our markets, I think the best candidate so far for a faster path is a market where Nash is the only maker, so users trade with Nash. As this is highly preliminary I don’t want to get into details and hypothetical discussions. As always we are looking for a solution.


I guess that’s at least something, but would be nice to just set a order and wait for it to fill.
Either way good to see that the team is still working on it.

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Thats a maker order, as a taker you can only accept the buy price or accept the sell price, aka a ‘spot order’, and thus no ‘limit orders’.

you can actually do a limit order but the time in force must be immediate or cancel.


i think that already works for most people. hope a solution can be found.