NEX usage in the Neon wallet

So I was looking at my Neon wallet lately, and had some GAS that I wanted to convert into NEO. The current way to do this is send the GAS to an exchange, buy NEO and then send it back…

How cool would it be if you can just have a ‘Convert to token X’ button that leverages :nex_logo: in the background :slight_smile: It’s like free volume for token holders.

Probably a feature that is already in the pipeline, but just wanted to point it out if it isn’t :wink:


It would be cool. But I hope that people use NEX extension instead on Neon Wallet. :slight_smile:

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Neon to my knowledge is the most widespread wallet for Neo and Nep5’s so having Nex Api’s integrated into Neon would definitely help a ton with volume. Also considering some of the team from Nex are connected to CoZ and Neon being their project I don’t have any doubts Nex will get integrated. Awesome times ahead :smiley:

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Thank you for posting this – I know CoZ and NEX crossover in some ways, but I did not know if NEX / NEON were meant to me fully integrated. My HOPE is that they ARE, because that would be AWESOME. I’m guessing that this is indeed the case, but I can find no certain info on this. Anyone know what the scoop is definitively? Is this happening for sure? Or is everyone else as confused as I am?

NEON is a community-based open source project, and the philosophy at CoZ is to avoid integrating dependencies with any external for-profit companies, even NEX. As the NEX ecosystem grows and becomes a platform in its own right (like NEO), perhaps that will change.


I see. Thanks for clearing that up @ethan.


It appears that the new release of the NEON wallet is imminent – the website has changed completely. The links are still to old wallets (0.2.8) but I’m guessing the website changeover is a harbinger of new wallets releasing any time now. Also, this was posted on Twitter last week – screenshot of the new wallet:

Update: @Ethan Fast of NEX / CoZ reached out to me on Twitter, new NEON wallets delayed a day or two: