NEX URL Change?

(Al Kaseri) #1

Dear Team, @ethan @canesin

Is there any plans for the NeonExchange URL to be shifted or changed to something .com as the current one ( is not catchy or too much long or too hard for someone to recognize the URL as compared to the competitors( Binance & Coinbase) which are having a very short or with only one word URL.

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(CryptoUK1) #2

They said before that they had something else in mind or planned

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(Suppoman) #3

Rebrand! :sunglasses:
Or just :grin:

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(Trust Yourselves ) #4

Nex is not just a dex. So would have to disagree with this suggestion.

(8bit) #5

(Len) #6

I saw that NEO.NEX on the NeoNameAuction went away for quite some NEO $$$

Who knows :wink: ?

(Trust Yourselves ) #7

Hopefully its not. That’s a horrible one. Nex should stay away from being related to neo.

(Len) #10

I was just kidding man! I bet they come up with an easy accessible thing!

(Trust Yourselves ) #11

Yeah let’s hope

(FCC) #14

Guys, deleted some stuff here, let’s refrain from personal attacks regardless if some user is or not someone you know.

(Olu ) #15

I have also voluntarily withdrawn my initial post on this topic. Even though I don’t consider it a personal attack, I think it triggered some comments.
I agree, let us treat everyone here kindly, no matter what was said in the past.
@suppoman (and indeed everyone else) is welcome to this amazing community, regardless of his prior views.
Much respect to the NEX team for displaying rare professionalism and emotional intelligence :pray:

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