NEX Tutorial - Some personal feedback

(Low Ri Da) #1

For me the wen tutorial experience was not entirely satisfying.
I think there is room for improvements. Here’s what startled me:

  • I found the use of pseudo-commands like wen.piroutte() or wen.shakeHands() kind of weired. I can imagine it was supposed to be a fun joke about wen being a bot and all, but for a non-programmer like me it did create uncertainty. I thought: "Do I need to program now? “Is there a need to use those commands?”. In short: I found those commands confusing.
  • I had this problem that you could not upload a picture as was required of me and had to skip that task. I read that this is fixed now.
  • I didn’t get the “capybara” search at all. What is it for? Does it mean I can also setup secret messages that are only revealed when you search for them? If so for whom? And why?
  • I don’t get this icon.:keyboard: What is it supposed to be?:
  • Why include a dice roll in the actual wen commands section? I know D&D and rolling dice is fun, but isn’t there a better usecase for the bot?
  • @wen quote didn’t work for me

Those are just my thoughts. If someone wants to add to them please feel free to do so! The goal of this post should be to give the team some feedback so that future NEXers have an easier time with onboarding!

(Wen) #2


I’m not afraid of going to space. Space is just a public, static void.

– My big sister Wheir

(Chris Fenwick) #3

Thanks for the feedback. Wen came to us with some default modules that we’re not able to uninstall. In the near future, they’ll be serviced and upgraded :slight_smile:

(Raybrackho) #4

Well, I found it very easy to follow. Great tutorial! Everything works as explained…