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Just a quick thought.

I’m sure NEX Team has already thought this through, but how prepared are we to withstand a massive influx of people once the exchange launches ? or even a DDOS attack ?

Because these things are very likely. And History shows that a poor launch experience can do a lot of damage. Users give you one chance. If you don’t convince right away, it’ll be a long and hard time before you make them come back!

Cheers and best wishes for this new year!

(Bunder) #2

They mentioned long time ago that they want a few million customers in 2030. So scalability of customers on the platform is one point they have thought about!

And security of the tokens of everyone is one of the biggest priorities they have.

I’m not worried about stuf like that.

-bunder :nex_logo:

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Usually public facing Applications that are accessible from the Internet require DDos protection and an Web Application Firewall that is capable to block suspicious traffic and malicious activities. I thing that is subject for an IT Security Audit that is currently ongoing.

When it comes to volume and performance you need to design and architecture the solution in a sense that allows you to scale as you go. I am sure NEX team take care all of this as well as disaster recovery plans etc. Profession infrastructure and solution architect usually know all this and consider it during build and design.

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(Ethan Fast) #4

We are aware and planning for enormous amounts of traffic. A major reason that the exchange has taken so long to develop is the challenge of designing backend components for high throughput and scalability (yet also decentralization!). The frontend interface is much, much easier to scale.

(FCC) #5

More than DDoS and front-end scaling our considerations are a very adversary ecosystem. A load test is part of the testing before launch.

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by reading co-founders posts we are still very very far from launch!

" challenge of designing backend components for high throughput and scalability (yet also decentralization!)."

“A load test is part of the testing before launch.”

Maybe its time to update the roadmap as i imagine Q2 is the launch target , i personally would be very happy if that happens so we can have the licences to trade security tokens , fiat and margin trading from day one …as long we can have them by Q2 and not 2020

(Trust Yourselves ) #7

I agree 100%. It does look like the whole team took two weeks for Christmas. Which they are abosultely allowed to do. I got the same feeling from reading those posts

(FCC) #8

Our target continues to be Q1 and the licenses have low possibility of being available in Q2.

(Nex Hodl) #9

if i am not wrong the target was 2018 Q4 and also again if i remember correctly you had stated that licences will come on 2019 Q1 (there is a youtube interview)

and delays can happen for sure just the team must inform the investors.

i hope that coz of the delay on exchange launch we will have more tokens listed then you had stated (on that youtube interview) i hope we can see BTC XRP AND EOS from day one!
Also i do not want to control the company for sure as i have a very small stake BUT reading some of the team members profiles and talking to some guys i feel obligated to express my concerns publicly, that is all.

(Seidler) #10

What do you think its a real possibility for licenses? Q4?

(FCC) #11

Looking at our current roadmap (, that was shifted a little more than 2 months. It was shifted before the capital raise given our scaling constrains while we were self-funded. I must say we did amazing financial gymnastics (as we only raised capital on September 3rd, 2018 - about 4 months and 5 days ago), given our current internal developments the target would be to deliver the full product before March 20, 2019.

The only parameter that is currently off track for that is Index funds, I don’t believe we will offer such service by the planned time. Some others are stretch goals but are still not outside of possibility, when they become we will communicate.

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No one said that you can’t express your self. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Being anonymous online doesn’t mean you have to disrespect others. The respect you give others is a reflection of the respect you give yourself.

(Ashrith) #14

So does the word full product do account btc pairs ? Just out of curiosity :crossed_swords::love_you_gesture:!!

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(Kelvin Fugara) #15

@Ashrith I think @canesin mentioned above that the full product except Index Fund, in my understanding, every thing on Road map will be available in full only except Index Fund that will not be there at launch.

(Bunder) #16

Nice, great to hear. Looking froward to 20th of March


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(CryptoUK1) #17

Thanks for the update on roadmap. Good to know and can’t wait for launch!

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