Nex trading on other exchanges!

For more information on this you can reference this article, but as always “trust yourself”.


First only APH-NEX pairing now they also released NEO-NEX pairing.

I hope the NEO-NEX pair will bring some volume. At the moment it’s not really suitable for large orders :disappointed:


The real question is when will Aphelion’s chickens come home to roost? In other words, when will they get penalized by a government for illegal securities trading?



I was kind of wondering that exact same thing when I bought my NEX on Aphelion. Isn’t this a ‘security token’, technically speaking?

It is indeed.


They’re on some obscure island, they prolly dont care. I asked Samuel if there is an actual entity monitoring if tokens are obtained illegally. So for example via Aphelion exchange. But after the ICO kyc its really up to the obtainer of the tokens to do whatever they would want with the tokens. As far as he was concerned there will be no tokens flagged as unusable or something (that was innitially my concern).


This is a crucial information for many of us, who would like to buy more NEX. Can someone from team comment whether they consider banning tokens bought in Aphelion from staking or something similar?


Any idea where they’re based? I’m not worried for the users. I just think that this will come to bite Aphelion at some point.

I spent much of this week at a conference arguing that there are NO security token exchanges yet anywhere on earth, they are a phantasm – and yet, here I just bought a security token on an exchange, and now hold I one in a wallet. That is very interesting.


There has been some light shed on this by Aphelion, I posted the link above but you can refer to my post here:

Essentially it’s uncharted territory since Aphelion is a DEX and they arent a single organization selling the token but rather their P2P user base is buying and selling. Technically from a loose standpoint they’re right but its not any different imo then silk road. They’re still facilitating trading of securities on their platform even if they aren’t acting as the custodian. That’s my personal opinion though.


I’m also very interested in hearing NEX opinion on this.

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NEX is not responsible that other projects and/or individuals act according to the applicable law. We have not been notified prior to the listing and have no knowledge of their licensing status.

To the best of my knowledge the project is registered in Saint Kitts (ECSRC regulator). We are not familiar with their KYC requirements or the fees charged during trading of NEX securities and have no access to the source code of their contracts.

We will not issue legal advise on the matter, KYC will be required to receive dividends from NEX. This does not affect our operations, the company can successfully meet our obligations regardless of their operation.


Thanks Fabio.
And also Coin Asses Exchange is going to list NEX on 11 / 11 / 2018 at 10:00am
Looks like more and more exchange are going to list NEX, to hope, they get some volume from the NEX token.

Looking forward to use the NEX Platform, and buy more NEX on the Platform when we are Live! Soon :sunglasses:

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there is absolutely no need to spend energy looking what others do. this is not in NEX control and does not worth it. they should focus what is in their hands. laserlight focus on NEX and its success.

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Thank you Fabio for answering my question. It is refreshing, how you bring professionalism into crypto.

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Very professional

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