The Nash community is an enthusiastic one and Nash is committed to providing an active, safe and enjoyable space. Our moderators do their best to keep things in order, but you can help by reading these community guidelines and taking them on board.


At present, we are only able to offer support and moderate threads in English. We would hence prefer users to employ English as a lingua franca for discussion.

How to make good posts

Consider the following when posting to raise the quality of discussion in the Nash Community:

  • Does the topic already exist? Browse existing topics and categories and use the search engine before creating a new topic.
  • Make sure your topic is in the right category – and don’t cross-post in multiple categories.
  • If you’re taking a topic in a different direction, use the “Reply as a Linked Topic” function to start a new thread.
  • Try to contribute to discussions with interesting thoughts or questions. Use the “like” button rather than writing one-word posts that only express (dis)agreement. Similarly, questions like “When moon?” don’t bring anything to the table.
  • Don’t sign posts – your profile information is already attached to them.
  • Spamming or vandalizing the forum will not be tolerated.

Use feedback to help others

You can use bookmarks, likes and flags to help identify the best (and worst) posts. By making use of these features, you can help others find the most important content quickly.

Be polite

We welcome debate and discussion, but please remain civil at all times. Criticize arguments, not people, and bear the following in mind:

  • Profanity will be automatically filtered or deleted.
  • Obscene and sexually explicit material has no place in the forum of a distributed finance platform.
  • Bullying, harassment, impersonation and doxxing (revealing private information) will not be tolerated and, if severe, could land you in legal trouble.
  • Hate speech encouraging discrimination and violence on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc., is strictly forbidden.

It is possible to argue over the scope of some of the above terms. Given that this is the case, you should err on the side of caution and avoid even the appearance of any of them. In the case of disputes, our moderators’ decision is final.

Respect the law

You may only post digital copies of work that belongs to others here with their permission or in contexts that constitute fair use. Do not post instructions for stealing intellectual property in any form.

Likewise, you may not post information here that may assist or encourage illegal activity of other kinds. In particular, you may not post links to over-the-counter (OTC) groups or digital asset exchanges offering the Nash Exchange token (NEX) without a securities trading license, or in any way assist other users in obtaining Nash Exchange tokens via extra-legal means.

Let our moderators do their job

Our moderators are here to keep this community a civilized and productive place. To that end, they reserve the right to remove any content or user account for any reason at any time. Users who persistently make misleading comments, unconstructive contributions or otherwise disrupt the proper functioning of this forum will be temporarily silenced or permanently banned.

Since moderators cannot preview new posts, we take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

Our moderators can find problems faster if you flag them. Don’t encourage behavior by acknowledging or engaging it. Just flag it.

Get involved to help us make the Nash Community better

If you have any ideas or questions about the Community, open a new topic on our Site Feedback page. If you can’t solve your issue with a topic discussion or a flag, feel free to contact us via the staff page.

We’re always looking for more volunteers to help us run the Nash Community. Please reach out to a system admin if you would like to help.