NEX trading on APHELION

Am i doing anything wrong by trading NEX on APHELION??
I mean if i buy Nex on APHELION,are those NEX then legal or real??
Or will i have problems with those tokens later when i trade on NASH-EXHANGE when it launch??


The tokens are real and you won’t have any issues with them later. As long as you have a NEX token you will be fine.

tokens are real but dont hold on Aphelion dex. move to wallet once you done with trade


I just thought that there was somw talks from Nash that their tokens NEX would first be legal to buy when NASH launch its own Exchange…(something about regulative stuff that Nash exchange will have ready to be legal,but Aphelion and many other Decentr exchanges dont have.
So thats why i ask if the NEX you buy on example Aphelion could be worthless later when Nash Launch.

One can only stake NEX when (s)he registers successfully (KYC and other compliance requirement steps), yet one can own NEX whenever one wants and buying it either on a compliant or non-compliant platform (and store it on whatever address on the NEO blockchain (as it’s a NEP-5 token), while you are the single-access entity via your private key).
Something like this.

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I understand all this,But how can Aphelion and this wierd Tooktook or what its called:smile::smile::smile: exchanges list NEX, when Nash back when the token selling started said that other people who didnt partisipate in the lottery sell would have to wait for buying NEX until Nash Exchange launch,im still confused.

Well it is not that hard. They support NEP5 tokens. NEX token is a NEP5 token so they can easily implement to trade them on the exchange.

The other question is the legal perspective. NEX token are allowed to be traded in a secondary market (OTC and Exchange is meant in my opinion). That is clarified in the financial prospect published at the time of the STO. I’m pretty sure that Tokok and Aphelion do not have a license to trade securities, but it seems like they don’t care about.

We as users are allowed to buy NEX Token on a secondary market, but if the secondary market is an exchange they need licenses. Without those licenses the exchange will be in trouble, but I think we as users are fine. Because we did not offer the opportunity to trade securities, we just use it. :sweat_smile:

But as other users said before, when your done with your trade withdraw the tokens immediately to your personal wallet.

Please correct me if I’m wrong! :smiley:

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If something happens to Aphelion dex… like closed down
will we able to move our open orders to account from smart contract?

Sounds right to me,but i searched in the support Chatbox on Nash mainpage and just like to know when/or ehere they gonna release these informations…
Here is the support chat ::

Where will the Nash Exchange token (NEX) be listed after the token sale?

We expect that several exchanges will want to list NEX. However, it is not possible to list securities without the appropriate licenses. We will release information in the future if we choose to move forward with any exchanges.