NEX traded on the Nash exchange?


Sorry if it has been asked already I couldn’t find an answer, but was wondering when the beta starts is NEX gonna be tradable ? Because I feel a lot of people will be interested in it, but currently there are no proper exchanges offered.


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No, there is no security trading licenses yet. Hopefully it will be at full launch.
You want to sell your NEX Tokens already? I will buy them from you :wink:


Because I want to be able to trade and accumulate more, which at the moment I am unable to do because I don’t like/trust Aphelion to transfer my tokens there.

broker dealer license is what nash need for NEX to be tradable on the nash exchange. There will be contingency plan if the license takes too long to get. That is what i understand from one of the AMA event.

I would love to have some more info from @canesin or @ethan on what the plan is, or at least when would be considered too long for the security trading licence to come for this new plan to kick in.

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