NEX token


I want to clear up what NEX stakers can expect from the NEX token, not only with the current service offerings, but also with future ones.

Like most know the NEX token in the beginning gave you a right of 25-75% of exchange fees depending on how long you staked them. With the pivot I was under the impression (and this was communicated by team members), that NEX is a token that gives you 25-75% share of revenue. And by this I believed what was meant was 25-75% of revenue of all current and future services.

Today on telegram it became apparent that I might have misunderstood this. That Nash only shares revenue to stakers from services if they decide to. I would like this to be cleared up. Is NEX an up to 75% revenue sharing token for all services (current and future) Nash offers or not?

We’re working on a concrete proposal right now for how NEX will be integrated with all our new products. It will be communicated in the coming weeks. We are taking care to design something that will be satisfying for existing community members, while also making NEX attractive to new users. We understand that this is a sensitive issue and very important to get right – for that reason, we ask for a little patience.

I’m locking this thread as we don’t want to encourage speculation. But please be reassured that we are acting in the best interests of both the company and of NEX holders. The team are all token holders too!