NEX Token Trading on Nash

Good Morning to everybody

Besides our first in class product I personally see the option of being able to buy NEX Token on Nash as a very important peace of puzzle for sucess. If you own / stake nex your basically are way higher motivated to use the exchange as u can benefit from your own trading and further have an interesst that more people using the exchange. So I think it would be really important to have this feature as soon as possible. (specially as we are heading to start Marketing soon).
@canesin can u give us an update about the current status of NEX on NASH? thx :slight_smile:


Hello Gorlim
Unfortunately, Nash cannot comment on regulatory-related progress.

Rest assured, everybody wants to be able to purchase NEX on Nash and the team understands this intimately!
Trust in the company and team that they are doing all they can to make it a reality, we have already been told they are looking at multiple different options.

It may be an unpopular opinion among community members, however, personally I don’t think we should consider the platform to be in General Availability until Nash provide a way to trade NEX on Nash and I’m happy to wait as long as it takes! (within reason) :slight_smile:

You make very good points, we all just need to be patient a while longer!


@nexchapter you bring up an interessting point which i personally agree…availability of NEX is so important that it is similar to a “must have” before starting all the marketing. lets hope the best :slight_smile:


I think NEX trading will come at the right time when nash starts to make serious noise in the crypto market, I really have put faith in this brilliant team


Without doubt, Being able to trade NASH will be huge for the price, expect a decent price increase, there aint really that many NASH tokens in circulation.


Most likely is part of the strategy that #Nash is following :face_with_monocle:

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