NEX token Supply 56,126,100

Good day NEX team.
My question is; If you are in an audit, would not it be important to have the correct total supply information?

What will happen to the surplus token, will they burn them? when will they do it?

Thank you!

The total supply is 50M. It’d be illegal for them to change that amount since they are a registered security.

You probably got the number from Neo Tracker which is currently showing the wrong amount due to some technical issues. I’d suggest using, much more reliable explorer.

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not sure if neo tracker is under NEX or CoZ team’s control… I believe the total amount of tokens are already in the NEX chain itself, which means the audit doesnt take neotracker as a form of process when they audited NEX i guess? the error amount that neo tracker is showing is irrelevant i suppose?

Like what Mange said, neoscan shows the correct amount of total supply for NEX tokens.

is there any way to inform neotracker about the wrong amount of NEX token shown in their website??

There should have been a fix in september:

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