NEX Token Appreciation Strategy Package

To appreaciate the NEX token this year alongside the banking services I suggest the following (some are based on suggestions by other members):

These suggestions are considered by me knowing it should take “relatively” very few costs and effort to accomplish and have high impact.

I. Premium debit-card designs will be unlocked based on the amount of NEX staked for 2 years. Additionally, another collection of debit-card designs is rewarded based on how much money is locked into the savings account of Nash.


  • Stake 100 NEX | Unlocks 3 Premium designs | Upload own design
  • Stake 1000 NEX | Unlocks 5 Premium designs
  • Stake 2500 NEX | Unlocks 1 Premium design
  • Stake 5000 NEX | Unlocks 1 Premium design
  • Stake 10.000 NEX | Unlocks 1 Premium design
    *Designs can be made based on acquired NFT designs or designs made by partnership with an artist.

II. Make it possible to purchase NEX in the Nash mobile-app with NEO, this by a bridge made between Nash and Switcheo. This can be accomplished in the same manner as is done with Uniswap. An earlier similar suggestion wouldn’t make it through legals, this would riight since it is exactly the same as with Uniswap?


  • Significantly lowers the fee costs to acquire NEX via the Nash mobile-app.
  • Lowers the threshold to accquire NEX for (new) users.

III. Incorporate NEX into the “Nash Savings Account Model”. Users can acquire extra profits when they have NEX staked for 2 years. These extra profits to users will come from the company profits that do not have to be paid out to NEX tokens that aren’t staked.

This is quite some money for the average Joe, since 1.000.000 NEX that isn’t staked is good for approx. $2300 with current volume. Meaning with current stakes, approx. 70.000 a month is not collected. Instead of equally distributing it to those who have NEX staked and have put money into the savings account, it is much more stimulating to randomly choose X amount of users (Within this budget) that will earn between 1 and $1000, this can be done every month.

The more NEX staked and money deposited into the savings account, the higher the chance to win a price (this could be a low prize of $1 or a high one of $1000 (not based on amount of NEX and EURO) . The chance increases up to a (reasonable) maximum of 10.000 NEX & 10.000 EURO.

From 25 NEX & 25 EURO == X% chance
From 100 NEX & 100 EURO == X% chance
From 500 NEX & 500 EURO == X% chance
From 1000 NEX & 1000 EURO == X% chance
From 2500 NEX & 2500 EURO == X% chance
From 5000 NEX & 5000 EURO == X% chance
From 10.000+ NEX & 10.000+ EURO == X% chance
% can be tracked live based on automatic analysis of elegible users.

The great thing about this strategy is that the more volume Nash generates the larger this war-chest of prizes can become, attracting lots of new regular active users.

In the event it isn’t easy enough to accuire NEX for users, the condition of having NEX staked can be temporary disabled. Meaning using the “Nash Savings Account” with the minimum amounts of money will have users participate in the chance to obtain these extra profits.

Someday when Nash is as BIG as Binance is currently, this could result in that staking NEX and using the Savings Account of Nash can result in winning hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

IV. A button to convert all dust (often dividend rewards) into NEX tokens, either via the costly ETH bridge or via a possible NEO bridge.



The profit for unstaked NEX is going back to Nash, not equally distributed.
I think that when Nash designed token economics, it was taken in consideration that not everyone will stake. So those profits are used somewhere else already.

I like your idea with Switcheo.
Also converting my dust or all of my dividends into NEX, even if trading is not available in my region, could have a big impact :handshake:

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I agree, can’t imagine it not serving a purpose now. Maybe the 3 million unsold NEX could replace this component? :thinking: