NEX the future of the Exchanges

(Rodas75) #1

Tell me What do you think will be the Volume of Nex When it goes live?

(Tom123) #2

I expect high volume due to partners :slight_smile:

(Ashrith) #3

Neon Exchange Live Stream
:nex_logo: THE FIRST BIRTHDAY OF NEX :nex_logo:
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(Low Ri Da) #4

I’m a bit surprised that Fabio didn’t properly mention how to achieve the massive volume. He said “the community”, but I expected more. :nex_logo:

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(Newst Het) #5

well mouth to mouth IS the best and fastest way to get the word out. If each one of us convince at least few people to join in, volume would come.

Anyway I don’t expect it to be much right now, market conditions ATM are bad everywhere.

(Dilligaf) #6

Dont expect allot of volume at the start but once the mobile version wil be released thats when we will start to see some growth in numbers.

(Low Ri Da) #7

I agree with @Dilligaf

(Rory) #8

Also if we get into a bull market, everyone will go up so we would definitely see growth then as well.

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(Peter) #9

He did mention referral programs and marketing projects in the AMA.


Until they announce who all the partners are and we see BTC and mobile trading/access I wouldn’t expect a lot of volume out of the gate. Most likely we will need at least 1 quarter just to gain some traction with the user base and this only comes when we have a lot of the features live warranting people to use it. Once that happens and we gain some traction it’s easier to climb from there. Hardest part is getting off the ground.

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(.) #11

I don’t expect huge volume in Q1 & Q2 but by end 2019 things could get very exciting :slight_smile: Community and Mass adoption will be very important

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(Rory) #12

I think referral programs can be neat, but I am hoping for a bit more from their own marketing in the broader scope. Fabio essentially said “we’re depending on you” for a lot of the growth. That is fine for organic growth, but the marketing department will need to do a lot more to attract interest from those outside the crypto space imo.

(Justus) #13

This. In my opinion volume will come 2 ways

A) Adoption
(People use NEX without really knowing, e.g. playing and paying in a game (via nOS)
B) User experience for the traders
(Existing traders and new ones favor NEX)

As both, A&B, will take time I don’t expect much volume when launching. With regards to B meeting the following requirements is necessary

  1. Cross-chain support for trading BTC, LTC
  2. Advanced trading features.

When these are achieved and if the overall promised quality with regard to speed and user experience is given … then in my opinion this is already the best marketing strategy. Deliver the best product. Let them talk about it.

PS: I really hope that they will have a normal and advanced trading interface (like for example kraken). With normal by default my mom and grandma should be able to buy and sell.
The advanced trading interface should be superior or at least similar to sth like binance so that existing traders switch to NEX to have the benefits of a dex without having to much of a tradeoff

(Zuzuca) #14

i also see an opportunity for volume if there are going to be api’s that would give some of us the posibility to build trading bots on the exchange thus bringing more trades.

(.) #15

Agree. Btw I think normal and advanced trading interface will be available as the exchange grows

(Loran) #16

Especially the adoption part is important, it differentiates NEX from all other exchanges out there.

Once the system is in place for nOS dapps it might be expanded over to other dapps that want to utulize the NEX payment system.

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(Lennystyles) #17

I think that we as a community can play a big part as well. As Fabio mentioned, if everyone of the ICO participants recommends/refers 100 other people, can you imagine the network effect. The next day after the NEX bday party I was wearing the NEX t-shirt and got approached by 2 people at the airport, asking me what the shirt/slogan was about.
They told me they just heard about bitcoin only, but potentially next time when they’re planning to invest maybe they will remember NEX.

(Guardian Circle) #18

I am pretty my the lone voice of NEO in LA (so far as I can tell: I am out and about a LOT and very ‘visible’ – I never run into NEO folks). There is a ton of ETH and EOS here, so anytime NEO comes up, its usually because I bring it up. There are very healthy debates about things on Facebook amongst the Coinerati located in LA – and many of them find me posting screenshots of NEON or Morpheus or upcoming NEX features to counter the argument that the world is all EOS and ETH. I can’t wait to have NEX launched – so that all these folks can see the NEO-verse firsthand.

(Aryatara) #19

I think you are right, referral programs alone are not enough for mass adoption. You need a real good marketing campaign.
@canesin, If i´m right you will spend monthly 100 K Dollars for marketing.
Could you give us an idea what are your plans regarding this?

(Crypto Fox) #20

I guess NEX wouldn’t like to slip out their secret until launch otherwise competitors might steal their ideas.

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