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@canesin @ethan Did you know that there is a telegram group where Dean Van Dugteren is Admin? So what is the game of NEX and NOS, now enabled a BOT there that provides the price of NEX in unauthorized bags?

NEX DO NOT have any relations with any telegram groups regarding NEX. Any information you obtained outside this community which does not have the approval of the NEX team can be fraudulent. such as OTC trades. In other words, just take outside sources with a pinch of salt. Always do your due diligence mate. cheers.

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@MaoMao dont see the problem as long as he never paused or commented anything on behalf of Neon Exchange,he is the investor in NEX as we are,he has personal rights to his decisions on the usage of social Media.

@BaClaire well im pointing out that NEX team does not have any relations to any telegram groups out there. It has been pointed out several times that anything that happened in the telegram group does not say anything about NEX…So i think asking the team about this is pointless.

@MaoMao it refers to NEX as NEON EXCHANGE AG( that doesnt have Telegram group) and not NEX team, talking of NEX team, we are also part of it.

It’s community driven and unofficial. NEX doesn’t have an official telegram. The team is aware of it, they use to drop in and comment every now and then but have since decided to keep all comments only on official channels. Dean is an investor in NEX but is not part of the NEX team so he can comment in the group.


I would like to reply on this topic,

I am in NO way or form (except interested and holder of Nex) afilliated to the project NEX or the Telegram group. BUT…I am a member in it from pretty much the start ( just to clarify where I stand in this). I just want to say I am in many groups which annoy the hell out of me. So much disrespectfull talk and nonsence, not to mention people dragging you into groups you never even wanted to know they exzisted. But NexCommunity is a really nice group and very well moderated. Many of these people were also on the Bday party and I know of experiance that they only mean good (again this all is just my oppinion)

Off course never take anything just as truth, but that community is in my eyes really nice and helpfull and will always direct you to this forum to verify everything that needs verification, so no one pmming you.

You’re very welcome there and if Dead is Kenji…More power to him! He’s doing a great job.

I agree with everything you’re saying but have you been in there a lot recently? Definitely went downhill… a little different to how it was for months before

You have @NEXcommunity and @neonexchange mixed up :slight_smile:

Whole Telegram is annoying. Somehow some people can’t do anything else then destroy and annoy. Even Wreck it Ralph is more sympathetic doing so. But as long as we live in a world where raising your children and parental advisory is labeled as a bad thing, it will only get worse Telegram and the whole crypto space is a perfect replica of the start of the internet before firewalls and spamblockers. And so long as we can not put up a wal to keep the trash out, we will have to find a way to fight the bad with the good. Let’s just try and keep helping eachother out. I believe it is the best way to annoy annoying people :wink: