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Hello world! We will have any update from the team about SDL OTF and banking licence’s on the event? The investors have to know that a launch without the above will not give any real value to our investment as we will not be able to trade many crypto tokens like nex eos xrp etc etc and also without a banking licence we can’t store fiat on the platform or do margin trading that is very valuable imo, we all know the market is bad and that soon binance will have a dex and fiat , i am afraid also that the current marketing team can’t do any real work as it is really inexperienced. Don’t get me wrong i have invest big on nex but i really start to worried about the outcome as we may loose the time we have left.


I am not 100% sure what SDL OTF stands for and I don’t have the time to Google it right this second as I am heading out however, I believe we will find out quite a lot more on the 18th of Jan at the NEX event.

In regards to the marketing side of things, what makes you think they are inexperienced? I do think we could be advertising harder however, we haven’t launched yet so it’s kinda pointless.


This isn’t a fair or factual statement in my opinion. The NEX platform is yet to be launched so there is very little to market at the moment.
I think we should be more patient.


It is not so difficult to launch some “pressrelease” in noob human language about what is coming in the very near future. Just for the sake of awareness…communication is still a no-no.

Launching this kind of info at launch is as well…a no-no. You want to conquer the world? Not at this level of communications.

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The issue with the crypto space is you have a bunch of keyboard warriors/marketers/VCs/analysts who, for the most part, have never worked in a business environment.

No one knows what type of planning/marketing is going on behind the scenes leading up to launch. However, I highly doubt their team are sitting on their asses for 40-50 hours a week doing absolutely nothing to prepare.

I expect an execution of their strategy prior to launch, but I think everyone should just wait and see how it plays out. The marketing team have more skin in the game than 99.99% of investors and it is in their best interest for the platform to succeed.


The marketing team is working very hard and doing amazing work. As others have stated, there is little to do publicly right now as the product has not launched yet.


Back in May, NEX was featured on CNBC’s “The Advancements” with Ted Danson…then highlighted once more on Fox Business in October.

If they were able to grab showtime on both networks pre-product, imagine what they might have in store once the exchange is launched. Just something else to consider, but your comment hit is spot on.


Check the attitude friend… you come across very disrespectful. Address everyone on the forum with more respect.
Like we have been told many times over, we will know more about licenses when they are allowed to tell us more.
Keep your cool and wait till the presentation on the 18th for updates on the project.

We are all invested in NEX here, want it to succeed and patiently waiting for it to launch.



Why so impatient… you want to be rich in 1 day or what is it?

Remember Rome was also not built in one day…



1st - I don’t know what made you feel so entitled regarding the company. You are not. Any kind of external pressure as to who should the company hire, promote or dismiss will not be accepted. You should be respectful with the company and the team. For this reason the account will be suspended till monday and the aggressive messages deleted. I invite you to read

2nd - Absolutely everybody on NEX is capacity check, experienced for their positions and performance evaluated by the founders to be hired or let go. We have been happy to have hired several recommendations coming from founders and employees, from friends in life and business, and this continues to be our preferred way of growth as when people want to refer someone it reflects on their trust of their capacity for the job and the satisfaction of working in the company. Unfortunately we also experienced friends in life and business leaving the company because of misalignment, and that will remain a possibility as we progress in the execution of internal HR workflows.

Finally regarding the original topic:

  • OTF and banking licenses have no time frame and our Compliance Chief is working towards those, neither of those licenses are needed for us to develop and deploy the initial system, as fiat is treated in non-custodial fashion through partners and security tokens are still a few and of low volume. If your investment in NEX is based in the short term exploitation of those licenses you are invited to disinvest, there is no business profit to be extracted from those in the short term and our focus continues to be our current strategy.

  • Regarding output of marketing, their focus has been researching and planning projects for 2019 as we consider this to be our growth year. At the same time, we have exclusively planned and executed several internal events and some external like the Smart Economy Expo in EU parliament, Boston interactions and the two in Amsterdam. This very own platform was work of that team with a single co-founder providing development. In 2018 almost all you have seen of NEX is output of marketing as the only engineering products people have had contact was the ICO platform and two medium articles. The marketing team is the smallest team in NEX currently as we are focused in engineering, it encompass Marketing, Communications and Support. That will change this year as they execute the planned roadmap.


Does that mean the marketing team will be expanded for growth this year? Sorry for my weak understanding.

Also i want to say that, the team has done a great job with this project thus far and im proud of you. You guys are experienced in this space more than me or some of us here.

However, there are just a few people that think they are entitled to control the company since they hold NEX token which should not be the case and i hope everyone should acknowledge this and hope this kind of thread should not be started again. :grinning::grinning:

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They learn to be patient.

Yes, marketing is the same group of support and we will need to expand it for the launch of the products during this year, both for marketing promotion of the solution as for broad support for users.


Kraken Exchange posted this sneak peek for their 2018 transparency report:

It shows the number of subpoenas issued by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. (YoY), basically identifying compliance as costly and resource-intensive.

A few questions to the NEX team:

  1. It was mentioned that the support staff is small; how does the team plan on tackling such requests by federal agencies worldwide? It seems to be quite burdensome for any company entering this sphere.
  2. Fabian appears to be the lead compliance liaison for NEX. Does NEX have partners that help with licensure application/compliance, or is he spearheading the effort by himself?

Thanks for all the transparency in your replies!


Don’t know about your first question but I was at the Amsterdam meeting where Fabian told us he was supported by several legal firms/people. Can’t give you the facts since i’m not a team member but I would be surprised if he is pursuing this monumental task on his own.


Bull trend just started. I invested without knowing that nash was going for banking license i thought they were building dex and i invested because it was security token. I think we will need to wait for around 3 to 5 years if you want to see real success for any genuine business. Thx for opening post now i know they are also looking for banking license.

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