NEX: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Did a basic SWOT analysis of NEX:

We all know NEX’s strengths and opportunities in this arena; what are some areas of weaknesses? What internal or external threats are there? Want to see what the community thinks.



  • NEX trying to reach wide range of customer types. (retail investors, professional traders, e-commerce users, c-commerce merchants,…). Harder to satisfy all and potentially more complex marketing challenges.

  • Fabio seems to be playing a very important role for NEX. What if he get sick or is unable to continue to work for NEX ? What is NEX without him ?

  • NeonExchange is often linked with NEO blockchain which receives more and more FUD lately. Developers openly questioning NEO’s smart contract capabilities and documentation. (Recently Aphelion got into trouble because of high costs involved developing on NEO and falling prices killing cashflow.

  • Through the hype created. Expectations are very high. This could turn against them.


  • With NEX pursuing security broker licence, they could be the first company researching and piloting decentralizing regular securities markets ?
  • With great UX, NEX has a chance to make users forget about blockchain. Even reaching an audience never heard of Bitcoin or Blockchain. Thus also distantiating more from Bitcoin dependency… (in terms of sentiment and token price volatility)

Good thoughts, Alex.

An additional opportunity I see: how can NEX communicate its MORE THAN just a cryptocurrency exchange; tell the world THAT story.

The non-crypto/blockchain enthusiasts I’ve spoken to generally views crypto as a get-rich-quick scheme with negative connotations. The storytelling of “why” (TRUST YOURSELVES) and “how” will be key!

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