NEX staking and rewards

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Discuss Ideas and views on staking related issues.

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(CryptoMange) #2

Can’t wait :smiley:

I feel like the first 2 years of NEX will have the most progress so staking in that time is a no brainer.

(The crypto warrior from the east .) #3

I totally agree, I think NEX value is going to increase rapidly within the next few months owing to the low supply . After listening to the AMA the team expects NEX to be top 100 in the first quarter and top 50 in the next but i think it’s going to grow faster than that. Good times ahead.

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I found one very interesting article about NEX staking on the medium link below… This article is an interesting speculative read for those who are optimistic about NEX.

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shows a good simulation of how much you can earn after staking NEX.

(Alexh) #6

Did you get the impression that he was talking about top 100/50 Crypto projects, or top 100/50 Exchanges, by volume… ?

(The crypto warrior from the east .) #7

It’s hard to tell but since the Qs was about exchanges I guess thats what he was talking about… it would be nice if we can have a follow up from the team. Hope they will see this thread and reply.

(Alexh) #8

Lots of volatility, but both APH’s DEX and OTC prices are over $2, which puts us at $100m market cap, which, as a crypto project, is in the mid-60s according to CMC.

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mid 60s is a good number on CMC before launch…looks like all we need is just an extra push from the pump after launch and we are good.

(Nikita Babaev) #10

Exchanges by volume for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

(Hodl) #11

Exchanges for sure. Fabio mentioned the number 1.6M daily volume, which correspondends pretty much with the end of the top 100 chart.

(Snooman1988) #12

He was talking about top 100 on exchanges volume. What is reasonable when it just launched. He was not talking about top 100 CMC. Steady grow on new listing on the platform and steady grow of volume :+1:

(Kelvin Fugara) #13

if my kyc allowed me to buy only 1000NEX during token sale, is this is the maximum amount I will be required to stake, or I can stake more than that?

(Hitesh) #14

you may stake as much as you want, but you hve to pass KYC.

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(Kelvin Fugara) #15

My question is, will there be KYC for Not more than 1000 and more than 1000NEX? or one KYC is enough whatever the amount for stakings?

(The crypto warrior from the east .) #16

@BaClaire According to what I understand I think you can stake more because you can still buy more when the exchange goes live. The Initial KYC was solely for complying with KYC and AML laws since exchanges have to comply with the same financial laws and regulations just like other mainstream institutions. Anyway this is just my opinion it would be better if a member from NEX team clarifies it further… cheers and happy staking

(Nick) #17

@BaClaire this was answered in the AMA, you have to do KYC no matter what if you want to stake.

(Perunex) #18

Has anyone encountered the info how will the dividends be paid? In crypto of in fiat?
Certain taxes on capital gains need to be paid from it, thus this information is really important.


@perunex, it will start paying in NEX, then it will adjust the negotiated pairs

(CryptoUK1) #21

@Perunex Hi. Dividends will be paid in all tokens traded on the exchange to begin with. At some point soon we will be able to choose which token (possibly tokens) we want the payout in when that feature is ready