Nex stable token

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Hello guy’s!

There was a conversation on neonexchange unofficial telegram group about nex making it’s own stable token! That would be awesome if it’s true as will give extra revenue to the company but please do not try to force it, list other stable tokens too and let the market decide! :slight_smile:

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My guess is they would leverage an existing project (ie. Alchemint) that will be running on NEO

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We did had several rounds discussing the design of a stable coin about 1 year ago, but we got to the conclusion that there was no way for a non-custodial stable coin to be capital efficient yet so we decided to revisit latter (at least a couple of years) this idea. We will support market leading stable coins on the mean time were we possible can.

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Very good to know!! Have in mind that we will need a euro stable token as big portion of traders are from europe , there is a legit one that is doing audits and all located in Malta!

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Good to know

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