NEX Smart Contracted Donation Basket

Dear Nexers

I believe that the innovation efforts put together by NEX Team into Neon Exchange will bring Massive reward to them, to us and most importantly the community will benefit from the easy-to- adopt financial solution that will be provided my the Neon Exchange.

As we Grow, we would like to grow with the Communities of people who are in need, some of them are in Wars, other are survivors of calamities like Earthquake and flooding ,etc. We can bring Hope to this group of people as we grow, a little we have, we can take a portion of it and feed them or giving then a place to sleep.

I have seen some exchanges Earning a lot of money, and then then they come to community to donate, but if you do the investigation , you will find out that they do so to gain favors for their projects from Community and sometimes from regulators and governments, it is not the drive from their hearts.

With NEX, this can be different,we need to do it from our inner hearts, we can open our Donation Basket in a Smart Contract right from the beginning, and members can donate and Vote where the money should go and how much to be spent.

This is my opinion; @ethan @localhuman @canesin and Other Nexers, kindly share what is on your mind about this opinion, and how can we make it possible

See You at the Top