NEX Road Map

Hi, @canesin @ethan
According to your given road map only Token sale is accomplished. Is it possible for your team to complete all these given tasks before Fall 2018? How much your team is sure about that to achieve it on given timeline because only just 1 month left.

Or these given tasks in road map is still tentative? Because, previously we experienced the changing in your given road map.


All roadmaps are tentative and simply best estimates, especially around sensitive financial software. We’ve made many improvements to the system since posting that roadmap (w.r.t., performance, security, and usability), and we are not going to launch any system until (1) it has a user experience that meets our high standards (2) it has passed an extremely rigorous security review (some of the best firms in the world), which is ongoing. We will launch when when both of these criteria are met.

Whatever the date: when we release, we aim to blow people’s expectations out of the water. Keep in mind that what we are doing is a new thing: no one has yet come up with a way to make decentralized interfaces accessible to non-experts and to allow normal users to benefit from these kinds of advances in trust, much less to combine them with the kind of performance we are envisioning. This stuff is easy to get wrong, and it is important to us that we don’t cut any corners.


I always like how the mind of @ethan operates::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I am yet to see a team as thorough as the NEX team in the entire cryptosphere :+1:t5:


Its always responses like this that show the professional nature of this team, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. :grinning:
Never thought i would be more bullish on NEX but after reading that its hard not to be.

Fantastic communication and professional response’s.


Very professional answer. Thanks

Thanks @ethan

That just gave me goosebumps :smiley: … Gonna right away pick some more NEX. :wink:

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@ethan, you are the best so far. Your answer has already blowme out of water.
I am forever bullish on NEX than never before.

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is 1st of Dec today, so when new roadmap with updated estimates?

I said goodbye to a release in 2018. Then at least I can not be disappointed. And honestly, better later and perfect than too early and bad.


Please understand me right, I’m not rushing them. The project has been under development for more than a year. NEX positioned as community-friendly project, so I think we (community) should know little bit more about the team plans. We don’t even know at what stage everything is. This is strange and wrong. :man_shrugging:

Seeing that Fall is almost over at least change the road map :slight_smile:

20 days left according to the roadmap, we’re gonna have some news close the end of the month for sure. I think they prepare a lot of content for the releasing. There is so much to tell and explain, excited af.

ethan explained in another thread that they want the exchange to be released with super security and will good surprise users to use. with that being said, he also said that there may be sudden issues or improvements that needed to be changed or made to the exchange that is going to be released. Thus, it is not that they are not willing to share their progress stage, but it’s the perfectionism that they want the exchange to be in that is not allowing it to be announced.

They have also explained that competitors are waiting to copy from others which NEX is one of them, i believe the team knows what they are doing.

Im giving moral support to the NEX team :slight_smile:

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I would say that the majority of people don’t need to know what stage everything is at as we have full faith the team is working there buts off. We as a community need to have more patience and allow the team to do there thing while we patiently wait for the team to deliver a world class exchange we will all benefit from.

I personally expect Q1 for the team to deliver the product and am looking forward to a date somewhere in that timeline.