NEX requirement for Community Forums

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Will the NEX requirement for creating an account ever be lifted? Seems likely an echo chamber could form here consisting of those who don’t see faults with NEX. What happens if someone has criticism of the platform and wants to discuss it, but doesn’t want to go through the process of purchasing NEX (especially if they see problems with it)?

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I like the current system because it makes it difficult for Fudsters to swarm in here and create multiple accounts (like on telegram). People here today have a genuine interest and care a lot about the future of Nex. It saves a lot of time :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rory) #3

If someone wants to discuss criticisms of the platform there are lots of unofficial channels they can use. There are two telegram channels (NEX Community and NEX Staking Syndicate) and a subreddit (r/neonexchange) that immediately come to mind. Of course there’s also the NEO telegram channel and subreddit.

The purpose of this community, as I understand it, is to have a space for those who are invested in NEX to be able to communicate with each other and have greater access to official information from the devs. Also it bears mentioning that you can read the entire forum without having any NEX. That only gates registration which allows posting etc.

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@sharkie @Yevin true.


@sharkie @Yevin , I agree with you this community is so that by means of the union and the interest of all of us we can take our NEX to where we know it is going to arrive, to be the # 1 among all the exchanges in the world

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(Pplvee) #6

I agree. “FUDsters” are almost always bringing toxic, factually incorrect information to the table. They have no place here. But some people have brought very valid criticisms to NEO, ETH, BTC, and many other legitimate platforms – criticisms that developers have taken to heart and fixed. These fixes led to improved platforms, and an overall advancement in technology.

I think it’s obvious the NEX devs have decided to make this platform because they want to address all inquiries and discussion in a single spot. Forcing those with valid criticisms to purchase NEX just to make an account, or reach out through Twitter/Reddit/Facebook/etc, isn’t an answer as far as I’m concerned.

If people bring garbage FUD here, it’ll be ignored or dismissed with quick facts. If they bring very valid concerns, the devs are active and should be open to a discussion. Forcing critics to other platforms isn’t the right move.

I understand most won’t agree with me, just my two cents.

(Rory) #7

I hear what you’re saying. I’m sure that when the exchange does launch they will likely have a support team/process to leave feedback/report issues etc. as well.

Criticism, preferably constructive, is vital to making things the best they possibly can be as we all see things from different points of view. I agree that it’s good to have that. The point I’m trying to make is that this Community imo is trying to be a place where you have to “have some skin in the game” to make your voice heard in this particular platform. I don’t think it’s a particularly big hurdle to jump to get access if it’s that important to you to get your thoughts heard.

(Yoruba Angel) #8

Those who have interest in NEX wont be lazy to buy just 1 NEX to join the community. This community brings solid discussions here and most criticism can be taking to telegram.

(Ashrith) #9

To be honest it’s even easy here to create multiple accounts as if u have 1 nex ,then you create as many no of accounts you want. As after creating account u don’t need to hold Nex in that wallet

(Len) #10

Maybe that should be an requirement in the future otherwise it will become too easy right?