NEX Q4 Update - Can we get some clarification on the launch date?


@canesin had stated in the livestream that US would be open to trade on the exchange at launch by Q4. Is a Q4 launch date correct or was this a mistake as it doesn’t align with previous discussions stated by the team within the community over the past few weeks…so it’s a little confusing.

Regardless, great livestream, congrats on the US regulatory approval,and the UI looks amazing!

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And pre-registration launching February, presentation at Neo Devcon.
Can we expect to be live at February end ?


Seems the timeline based on team’s comments (excluding Fabio’s Q4 statement today during the livestream) put launch somewhere between Feb - March 20th.

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Yep, based on Fabio’s previous comments the exchange should be launched by March 20. He also said in the presentation that in the April 27th Q1 Quarterly event, they hope to be talking about user numbers.

So before the end of Q1 is the target.

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@NATENEX sorry, do you have the moment in the video I said Q4 ? Maybe I can better explain what I meant if you do.

The exact date is still unknown internally but our target continues to be the same (winter), different teams are at different stages for the delivery and this next month our focus is on final integration. What will determine the launch date is the results of testing, we want to include user testing as soon as possible.

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@canesin the moment:

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@canesin so the security tests by the external company have successfully passed?

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As others previously noted I think the misunderstanding is that Fabio means that last Q4, as this was a Q4 2018 update, they managed to get regulatory approval for the US. Thanks for clearing it up @canesin! As people heared Q4, this misunderstanding can happen, but we (at least I) really appreciate you taking the time on this community to clear such things up.

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Thanks @Phalanxz, you are correct - all the update is referring of things that happened on Q4 of 2018. That means during the period of 2018 October, November, and December. @8bit does this clarify ?

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Yes it does! Thanks for the clarification! Awesome presentation btw! Wish I could’ve made it