NEX pricing structure

Hello fellow Nexians,

I think fee structure is one of the major factors that will effect volume, trader adoption (especially for high frequency traders) and the ability to drive customers to switch from CEX to NEX.
How does the fee structure stack up compared to major players?
Money talks as we all know.
Any Ideas? Thoughts?


3.7 Fee Structure
NEX follows the maker/taker fee structure common to other exchanges. Market makers who place
new limit orders on the order books will pay no fee, while takers who place an order at market place,
or a limit order below the current market price will pay a small fee (Table 2). Fees will be deducted
from the taker in the token denomination of their trade. NEX computes a user’s 30 days moving average volume using the volume of trades associated with their public key, as a percentage of total
exchange volume.


Thanks for the quick summary of the fee structure.
NEX seems to be on average more expensive than a few of the big CEX.
This could make it a harder to get power Users to switch.

What you need to remember is that there is no maker fee only taker. CEXs like Binance charge both. So overall it’s actually slightly cheaper in comparison.

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