NEX Price stability?

I want to know our community opinion that what will be the stable price in your opinion once NEX launches its platform? Will it be different from other coins and keep stability of price or it will fluctuate like other coins?

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I anticipate volatility. People think it’s be solely based on monthly payouts - a market-driven pricing. I don’t think there is a single clear-cut formula for calculating payouts (I heard different percentages all the time) and I also think that, being crypto, many will speculate on future exchange performance and fomo in like everything else.

The difference that I anticipate is a stronger floor - the price won’t ever go below the dividend-dictacted price, but the upside and swings will be more crypto-like that security-like, I think.

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@alexh Not sure what you mean when saying there isn’t a clear-cut formula for calculating payouts? From the whitepaper…

A user owns 1000 NEX, and NEX has generated fees in tokens equivalent to 100 million dollars at
market value since they last made a claim. Assuming the user has staked NEX at the two year staking
rate of 75%, they would be eligible for a claim worth $100, 000, 000 ∗
1000/50,000,000 ∗ 0.75 = $1500.

Sorry I wasn’t talking about the dividend calculation - I was talking about a single unifying investment formula to extrapolate security value based on dividends. Some say the annual dividend should be 5% of the security price, some say 10% - that’s the part that’s murky.

There were a lot of applicants trying to get through the ICO, after submitting the KYC, they had to wait and see if they would be able to participate, only after winning the lottery. I personally did not win the lottery and had to purchase it from Aphelion as soon as it came out. Accordingly, this is too dear and too previous to me personally, and this is why I do not believe anyone will actually sell. Those who do, clearly do not understand the true gem they are holding.

It will heavily rely on volume, so it’s uncertain for now.
Check for token price based on IRR for different volumes.