NEX Price after Launch and its Availability

Dear NEX Team

As for now there is no official Exchange that has listed the NEX token, meaning that the value of the token remains $1( the ICO price). now the Questions are:

-will NEX be available for trading during the Neon Exchange Launch?
-If NO, what will determine the value of NEX when the exchange is in Operation?
-If the NEX token will not be traded on Neon Exchange due to license issues, what license was used during the Security token offering(though we called it ICO i think was supposed to be STO), and how does that differ from the one that will be required for Trading NEX as the security token on Neon Exchange Platform?

Please Enlighten Me @canesin @ethan



Regarding securities trading licenses and NEX token trading on the exchange, this article from @ethan covers that

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With regards to the value of NEX, it is being traded on the open market, e.g. on TOKOK, Aphelion, CoinAsset etc. and thus it does have a price from an economic perspective. The free market functions regardless of securities regulations. The price is currently listed on CoinGecko:

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Yeah, but that is not official I guess, I am not sure if we ask @canesin and @ethan about the current price of NEX will refer to the price in coingecko.

If you want the official price, that’s the one which shows in the NEX Extension, i.e. $0.00 not $1. $1 is the ICO price. NEX currently has no officially-recognised price. But the price determined by the free market is the one shown on CoinGecko.

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