NEX on other exchanges?


Do we know if NEX will be available on other exchanges?


already in other exchanges. switcheo, aphelio, tokok . After approvals , nex will be available in nash exchange as well .

In my opinion, one of the advantages of Nex being available only on Nash Exchange (other that small exchanges that nobody really uses), is that buyers will need to sign up to the platform to buy it.

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Thanks, I know about these. I thought maybe Binance would be interested. 1 Nex (nash) would get exposure, 2. Until Nash takes over :slight_smile: this is the go to exchange with volume.

not sure if binance list/listed any coins without taking money, but nash is a security token and not all exchanges can list it. The exchanges listed are taking a chance and avoiding US customers in buying etc. Now it will be interesting in nash is listed in nasdaq. I am not sure how many exchanges can list nex though, there will be very limited supply with a very high interest for staking.

The only thing is investors will be only interested in staking if Nash gets enough volume through the doors. I hope Nash has some other ideas other than referral program which already is getting some negative comments from crypto community…referral spamming

There is zero chance that NEX will be listed on Binance because:

  • NEX is a security and Binance is unregulated exchange that will jump from jurisdiction to jurisdiction to escape regulations
  • Nash is direct competitor to Binance
  • Binance have only listed two nep-5 tokens so far, RPX and pre main net ONT if I’m correct
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hmmm… what do you think of:

  • NEO
  • GAS
  • QLC

It’s been stated that the team has no control in regards to who adds nex to their exchange

Neo and Neo GAS are not NEP-5 tokens

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is gas not?

Is that possible for Nash to be list on Nasdaq?
If nash become a real security exchange why not… in 6-7 years maybe?

Hi @cryptodom I would have thought the number of other exchanges it will be listed on will be small because generally exchanges don’t tend to list other exchanges tokens because it is advertising the competition. Hence you cannot buy BNB on kucoin and vice versa.

The one exception to this will be dex’s such as ones mentioned by @nicefox.

There is also the added issue that NEX is a digital security which further limits which other exchanges could list the token even if they wanted to. To be honest many other tokens are also possibly securities too however they haven’t been as honest as NASH and registered as securities but that is maybe a discussion for another post. NASH is doing things by the book which should pay off in the long run.