NEX on Blockfolio

(Farid504) #1

Hi everyone,

Any idea when we can expect to see NEX added on Blockfolio?

(Len) #2

For that to happen NEX has to trade either on their own platform or a known exchange. For new pairs to add on Blockfolio try to e-mail them on :slight_smile:

(The Ron) #3

Better use Delta, it’s there already and I like it way more (but that’s personal of course)!

(Rory) #4

Where does Delta pull it’s data from for NEX to give it a value? Or does it list it without value?

(Sean D) #5

The data is pulled from Tokok Exchange. Very Low volume going through as its a fairly unknown exchange for the majority of people.

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(The Ron) #6

Tokok exchange.

(Farid504) #7

NEX has just been added on Blockfolio! :hugs: My Blockfolio looks much better now! :grin:

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(Rory) #8

Great news, just added that and nOS. Not sure how legit the exchange is it’s pulling from, but happy to see it regardless.

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(Mill189) #9

Great news. However, i promised myself not to view my blockfolio unitil bulls are back . Avoiding unnecessary stress and focusing on accumulation :slight_smile:

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(Rory) #10

Agreed! Haven’t opened it in over a week now…

(Bunder) #11


Yes, they are on Blockfolio


Looking for a bullrun now!

(Tomislav Dzepina) #12

I registered on coinasset. co. th but you need to pass kyc only with passport to coins.
ID will not do for now :frowning: . I have a fight with them because of this