NEX Merchandise

What do you guys think of the NEX Merchandise? Yesterday I received a sh*rt and some stickers. I’m very happy with those, so thank you NEX. Of course also a big thank you to nOS for the free tokens!

What else could be useful to use as marketing and would look great with the name “NEX” on it? We have the famous cup already :wink:

Edit: For some reason i cannot write the word sh*rt as it should be. It looks too much like a cursing word?

A snapback hat would be really cool, like:


Mainly I would be interested in clothing like the tees that were given out. However, I would love to see a full suite of logo gear available: tees, hoodies, caps, mugs, keychains, decals/stickers, etc.


Yes, that was the swearfilter being a touch overzealous. I had included a wildcard to stop people pulling a Clay Davis on us, but failed to realize it would block some common words.

Feel free to say “shirt” as much as you want now :slight_smile:


I’m glad you liked our shirts! We are working on an entire collection :wink: It will be live in a merchandise store that will double as payment services demonstration :nex_logo:


As writting in my article about last nights event, I heard him telling that:

And when can we purchase merchandise?
NEX is gonna launch a store to showcase the payment solutions in Q1 2019.

It seems that all part of their marketing plan so can’t wait!


If NEX has fitted caps/hats I’ll buy one for sure


Ahhh, this is music to my ears! Looking forward to seeing what your very talented team comes up with.


@Moon they are all fitted and made by same official manufacturer of some famous NBL teams.


Nice! NEX always goes for quality even when it comes to caps :+1:


I will be buying one of those the second it hits the store!


I don’t even wear caps often and I want one!


Hi, I love the shirt that the NEX team used yesterday, I’ll wait for reports that are available to buy it :smiley:


I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available in the store

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Yea I want a snapback too! Maybe with QR code to the payment system.

hahaha, you know what it is right ? :grin:

Where can I find this store please?

You should better watch the dutch Serie ‘Undercover’ on Netflix. :wink:
Than you know what that candy could be…

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Haha @anon73805886 , you would make a great actor… ‘found it on the bottom of my dad’s car’. Yeah right. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The story looks the same as Need help move funds to new wallet of a few months ago :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You’re just trolling man. And I must say, it’s kinda humouristic sometimes…

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@anon73805886 gotta give it to you man :joy: