NEX is now Nash

We’re changing our name: NEX is now Nash! The NEX token will retain its ticker, representing the name Nash Exchange. Learn about how we’ve developed our brand in this interview with our Marketing and Design teams.


I understood that Neon Exchange is now Nash Exchange and the NEX Token retains the name NEX, am I right? @clare



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So it means we continue to call our token NEX,right?

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Yes, the “NEX” ticker now stands for Nash Exchange.

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I like it! I think this will prove a good choice into the future.

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Then we are good to Moooooooooooooooooon

I think that was a good decision. Nash sounds a lot better than Neon. And my beloved abbreviation NEX also persists. :nex_logo: You did everything right NEX team :+1:

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I respectively disagree, neon exchange sounded better imo but none-the-less Nash will grow on me. I think it both sounds and appears similar to DASH which is hard to get past atm.

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I think nash doest sound as powerful as neon exchange and nex , and it reminds of steve nash and dash :slight_smile:

It should grow on us. Been over a year now so I’ve got so used to Nex

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Change is always Painful, Nokia refused to change and where are they now? it has been hard for me too, to accept Nash, but the more I look at the logo and reading the reasoning factors for choosing it, the more it becomes receptive in my mind and now as I see it as the best choice. “NashExchange is the DEX”

I don’t think many would have thought that Apple was a good name for a company. However, it became one of the largest public firms in the world.

The brand name is not the indicator for success.

What I really liked in this article was that they admitted what started the process. In this case many other projects would have communicated something like “We decided to rebrand, because we didn’t like our old name anymore” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: