NEX Interactive Tutorial "Interface" with Instructor Messages (Exchange + Extension)

Hi and Good morning everyone! I’m not quite sure if this is already implemented or not but I would like to share my thoughts on how to possibly engage a user on making it more beginner/newbie friendly on a tutorial by showing it as an interactive tutorial with an “interface” like from an ATM machine that spoon-fed itself into a self-learning/self-taught process without depending on an instruction manual/a “wordy” guide.

Basing from the other exchanges, most users are being taught to use an exchange through a YouTube tutorial, a recommended guide, an Official guide, a friend’s recommended guide, a Zendesk guide (though super duper useful), or any guides/instructions that you can think of. It’s a never ending cycle of read this then read that long “wordy” instructions/guide then will eventually request for an admin/moderator help or through the customer support on how to use the exchange (yes it happens) or will request on how to properly trade.

So here’s the following that I would like to share:

  • Interactive Tutorial “Interface”
  1. The Capitalise App example:
    As you can see on the Capitalise App, it has an actual interactive tutorial (though very short or premature). The user could potentially skip the tutorial and can return/view the tutorial at any time! This kind of similar functionality could potentially lessen the barrier of learning and the users has a chance/opportunity to finally trust themselves. :nex_logo:

  2. An ATM machine example. If my grand nan can actually self-taught herself into using an ATM machine without any hassle (thanks to the user friendly GUI), then imagine the endless possibilities. :rocket:

  • Instructor Messages
  1. CS:GO game instructor messages example:

    As you can see from the screenshots, the Instructor Messages will help & enable the user to determine on what he/she should supposedly do. In every action to be made, there’s an Instructor Messages that will help/guide the users on his/her own interactions within the Exchange and within the Extension itself.
    This will greatly help the user on learning and to knowing something without depending on a “wordy” guide/instructions. The user can optionally disable/enable the feature. :globe_with_meridians:

All of these are only an idea/suggestions. Everyone are welcome to share and to give their own thoughts/opinions about this. Thank you for reading and for your time plus thank you so much the NEX team!

As always, Trust Yourselves.

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Great post. Thank you

Interesting idea. I know they plan to make the exchange as easy to use as possible for beginners as well catering to experienced users but having something like this would do no harm at all. Being optional it would only be a positive feature in my eyes. Maybe something for the future :smiley:

We going to do cardless ATM withdrawals ?

guess not… look im against issuance of cards … mainly dude to costs and needing a bank account. however im not against cash withdrawals .

this has gone stale so thought id kick it @canesin

im sure theres a way this can be done thru either a pooling of a nash usd-c account … or something … using silver*** bank or one of those partners