Nex getting listed on conventional European securities exchange?

(Roberto947) #1

I was just reading a Medium update from NEX from way back in September. The part that caught my attention stated, “approval of NEX as a security in Liechtenstein means that it can be listed on any conventional European securities exchange.” I’m curious to know if the Nash team is trying to get listed on one of these exchanges either right now or plans on doing so in the future. Why of why not? Would there be any drawbacks in doing so?

(FCC) #2

We are fully dedicated to deliver our products. The article is correct, the legal situation is clear - but traditional exchanges don’t have the infrastructure to settle and do custody of the digital assets, so or technology must be built/provided or some derivative must be emitted with someone retaining the technology. We will not allocate energy and funds to do that in this moment.

(Mao Mao) #3

Once the traditional trading space has matured with crypto space together, i feel that nash will be easily added to the public trading because they have been compliant with all the laws needed to stay very long in this business.